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Champagne Réserve

Champagne Réserve Brut


Fresh and lively, this is a well-balanced cuvée made with the same blend as our Champagne Brut but which we have carefully preserved in our cellars for 5 years. The result is champagne which is lively yet in full bloom, perfect for spending quality time with friends.

Ideal for a buffet or a cocktail party.

Blend40% Meunier, 35% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay (30 % of which are reserve wines)
Dosage11 g/l
Ageing5 years in cellars


A pretty gold robe, fine bubbles, an altogether beautiful visual aspect. The bouquet is pleasant: a mix of ripe fruit and undertones of pâtisserie and biscuits. The flavour's style is both lively and fleshy, with well-rounded aromas and a finish of fruit jellies, almost like jam.


Gilbert & Gaillard 2020: gold medal