"Champagne helps wonder" George Sand



Our family unites around 5 values The self-evidence of being a winegrower

The Champagne region

I was born a Champenois

I am a nature lover and always wanted to work in vineyards.

I tend to my vineyards everyday in such a caring manner that it produces high-quality grapes, ready to develop into some outstanding quality champagne wines.

The coastal area of Vendée

I was born a Vendéenne

Indeed I grew up on an island off the Atlantic coast.

The region is so in harmony with nature that it strongly influenced my concern for the environment, something we share today.

The next generation

Keeping on with the family tradition

Our daughter does not wish to join us at the farm (for now) but our son Fabian is already following in his father's footsteps, which brings us great satisfaction.

Our passion

From generation to generation

Fabian makes for the 6th generation of winegrowers in the family.
He is young and passionate, hence lifting the dynamics of the farm organisation.

Together, we are preparing the future of Champagne Frédéric Thiébault.

Champagne Frédéric Thiébault En
Champagne Frédéric Thiébault En

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