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Champagne Vieilles Vignes

Champagne Vieilles Vignes Brut

This cuvée is produced with grapes exclusively grown on vines which are at least 35 years old. Being less productive, they offer optimal maturity to the harvest, with great aromatic potential, which becomes fully expressed after 9 years of cellar ageing, no less!

And for this very special cuvée, we have brought an old method back: it is called <em>ficelage</em> and goes back to the 18th century. On each bottle, the cork is 'ficelé' or tied with a thin string made out of three hemp strands coated with pitch. This rare technique is still performed by hand today.

Blend33 % Pinot-Noir, 33 % Pinot-Meunier, 33 % Chardonnay
Dosage9 g/l
Ageing9 years in cellars


The robe is a pale shade of yellow scintillating like gems, a true vision of sophistication. Its effervescence is dynamic, creating very thin strings of fine and lively bubbles. This wine emanates both from nobility and delicacy.